Reach new customers, watch your profit grow!

You weekend can be ruined if your lawn mower stops working!

Optimow connects landscapers with new customers, cuts operating costs, and increases profit margin to beat out the competition. You will thank us later, because most of it is free!

Optimow is a powerful and friendly landscaping marketplace: there is nothing to install or maintain. Following are the major functions for landscapers in Optimow:

Give us a try to grow your business.

  • Leads generation:
  • View and seize new jobs from home owners in the area.
  • Real time communication:
  • Sell your service to home owners along your route.
  • Automatic Scheduling:
  • Optimize daily schedule for your service vehicles.
  • Optimized Routing:
  • Minimize roadtime to fully utilize your labor.
  • GPS Tracking:
  • Know the whereabouts of your service vehicles.
  • Map/Calendar integration:
  • See how new jobs fits into your route and schedule.
  • Efficiency Calculation:
  • See how new jobs impacts your profit margin.
  • Reporting:
  • Generate routing slip and invoices.
  • Mobile Estimator:
  • Quote jobs and connect with customer($49.99/month).

The only features that costs you money is the real time communication and Mobile estimator feature after a one month free trial period. Use the rest of Optimow's features at no cost. Register now to see how we can help you beat the competition!

Optimow believes by working smarter, you can lower your cost, generate more profit, and become a stronger competitor in your landscaping market.

Affiliate with Optimow to grow!


When you become an Optimow partner, you can use Optimow's online SMS service at no charge to improve your efficiency!

To be an Optimow partner, create a provider account. If you have a website, link to and put the Optimow logooptimow icon at your website. This is as easy as copying the following html snippet to a html page in your site:

<a HREF="">Optimow <img src='' style='margin-left: 1em; width: 128px; height: 24px;' alt='optimow icon'> </a>

Lawn mowing on your schedule, at your price!

You weekend can be ruined if your lawn mower stops working!

Optimow is an online platform to connect homeowners with landscapers for mowing, plowing, and other landscaping chores. You may prefer to do it yourself, but occasionally want to have professionals do it, because you will be away or are too busy.

Place a bid through Optimow for service at your desired price and on your schedule! Local Optimow approved landscapers will see your posting and seize the bid if the price is attractive. Here is how it works:

  • Create an Account:
  • Manage landscaping chores in your account.
  • Post a job:
  • Tell us about the job, when you'd like it done, and the price you want to pay.
  • Request Quote:
  • For jobs more complicate than simple mowing, we will request quote from local landscapers. Use our referring service for free.
  • Authorize payment:
  • For easy repetitive jobs, payment is made through your Amazon account. You authorize payment when placing a bid, but your credit card is not charged until the work is completed
  • Bid accepted:
  • A landscaper who is interested in the job will seize the bid.
  • Job worked:
  • The landscaper does the work according to your requested schedule.
  • Payment made:
  • Your credit card is charged through Amazon.
  • Your feedback:
  • Job well done? You have 7 days to provide feedback.
  • Transaction closed:
  • Notify Optimow within 7 days if the work was not done to your satisfaction. We will work with the landscaper to address any issues.

Who we are, why we made Optimow

We are a team of mathematicians, computer scientists, marketing experts, lawn service providers and most importantly, people with lawns to mow, snow to plow and no time for those chores!

Until now, we've had two choices: do the yard work ourselves or hire professionals. One is time consuming and the other is expensive. Optimow offers a third choice: post our lawn chores at a price we'd like to pay, and let a professional with space in his schedule do the work. We get the service at a reduced price, and the landscaper keeps his crew busy.

If you are a lawn care service provider, creating a provider account today. If you need lawn services, whether every week or once in a while, create a customer account. You can name your own price and lower your landscaping bill.

Redefining the landscaping industry

SMS: (Service Management System)

Optimow SMS screenshot Service providers uses the Optimow management solution SMS to plan their daily trip. It's a slick on line application to dynamically schedule the work in the optimal way so that total profit is maximized. You save money on fuel and labor by driving less and working more. You can also monitor the whereabouts of your service vehicle in real time.

Read this quick guide Learn Optimow in 10 minutes to get started!

OME: (Optimow Mobile Estimator)

Optimow provides an easy to use quoting tool to landscapers. Landscapers can quote a job with an iPad while walking around the property, take a photo of the area needs work, sketch on it, quote job lines, look up price book, and the total is calculated for you automatically. Landscapers can send the quote to homeowner to review and sign.

We can customize the mobile estimator by loading in your special job categories, price book and legal statement. The basic mobile estimator is priced at $49.99 per month.

ORM: (Optimow On Road Marketing)

Optimow provides a real time communication system to connect landscapers with home owners while landscapers are in the neighborhood. It allows landscapers to market their service along the route. Call 508-202-1146 to find out how it works!

There is a small fee per ORM transaction, marketing calls are 25 cents each, whether or not it generates a job. If the call does bring you a job, you pay an extra 75 cents (1 dollar total) for successful marketing calls.

SBS: (Service Bidding System)

Optimow lets you set a price for your landscape chores and instantly get your bid out to a network of landscape contractors.

You can post lawn chores for any interval: one visit, three visits per month, or whatever you need, at any price you are willing to pay. No need to pay for lawn cuts when the grass doesn't need it, or for snow plowing when you'd rather do it yourself. You control the terms of the work. Perhaps you mow your own lawn, but need a mowing service while you're on vacation, or when it's 100 degrees outside and you'd rather just watch a movie. Perhaps you use a lawn service regularly, but feel like weekly mowing is overkill when the weather is hot and the grass is growing slowly. Through Optimow, you can specify exactly which weeks to mow and which to skip, eliminating marginal lawn service visits.

What people are saying about Optimow

Optimow has a process to screen the service providers therefore our customers can expect the same quality they receive when dealing with each service provider themselves. Optimow also has a rating service to rate the service providers by allowing customer to provide feedback to the service once it is rendered.

Many service providers has established strategic relationships with Optimow, visit some of them here to see how they collaborate to improve efficiency through Optimow's optimization platform:

Organic Mulch & Landscape Supply

Frequently Asked Questions

optimow icon
  • Q: Why should I use Optimow?
  • A: For landscapers, Optimow helps save money and brings you work! Optimow is where homeowners find you and you optimize your scheduling and routing. For homeowners, Optimow is a convenient place to manage your mowing and plowing needs, you can get the job done at affordable rate on a flexible schedule.
  • Q: I am a landscaper, How do I use Optimow?
  • A: Create a provider account and track your service behicles in real time, manage your daily activity, and get new jobs. To get you started as an Optimow service provider, follow these 4 steps:
    • Step 1: Configure the services you provide:
    • Step 2: Input customers addresses at upper right of the screen:
    • Step 3: Start using optimow everyday!
      • Generate an optimized schedule by selecting Optimize then hit Save. (it does not matter what truck you choose, schedule is optimized for all trucks)
      • optimize
      • Verify schedule for a specific truck, change as necessary, select Confirmed and save
      • confirmed
      • Print the routing slip for each truck, and hand it to the driver
      • genrtgslip
      • Sample routing slip
      • rtgslip
      • When the work is completed, select Worked and save.
      • worked
    • Step 4: At end of billing cycle, Generate invoice
  • Q: I am a landscaper, How do I set up the GPS tracking service?
  • A: Optimow will integrate with your GPS tracking system if you already have one. We currently support VehiclePath and Navtrak. Simply send us an email with the authentication info and you can track your vehicle in Optimow right away. If you don't have a GPS tracking system, we recommend a free app Google Latitude on your smartphone which enables you use your IPhone or Android mobile phone as the GPS tracking device. Send us the authentication info and the truck id, allow tracking and carry it with the truck, you will be able to track the truck in Optimow!
  • Q: I am a homeowner, how do I use Optimow for landscaping chores?
  • A: Once you have created a customer account, you can post bidsshowing when you'd like the work done, and how much you would like to pay. You will be brought to Amazon to authorize payment. A landscaper will seize your bid if the price you named is acceptable, and he will mow your lawn within your desired schedule. Payments will be transferred from your Amazon account to Optimow once the job is done, unless you tell us it has not been done within 7 days.
  • Q: All that sounds good, but how much is the service?
  • A: As a landscaper, the only feature that costs you money is the real time communication feature (ORM) after a one month free trial period. Use the rest of Optimow's features at no cost. For ORM transactions, marketing calls are 25 cents each, whether or not it generates a job. If the call does bring you a job, you pay extra 75 cents, ie, we charge 1 dollar for successful marketing calls! For homeowner, there is no cost of using Optimow.
  • Q: Can any service provider use the free SMS service?
  • A: Yes. However at this moment we screen the service providers through a phone interview after registration. We want reputable, reliable, experienced providers to join to guarantee the quality provided.
  • Q: Where are the optimow services offered?
  • A: Anywhere in the United States. And we provide free customer support to landscapers in greater Boston area.
  • Q: I am a landscaper, How do I get paid after I mow the lawn for the bid I seized?
  • A: You save your schedule as "Worked" in "planning". As simple as that. Or, you simply go to the bid under the "Home" link to click on "Just Worked Once" and provide some simple details about the job, such as when it was done and how long, how many people it takes. After that, the property owner has 7 days to provide a feedback, if the feedback is not "Not Done" or he/she does not provide a feedback in 7 days, Optimow will mail you a check.
  • Q: Hey, my lawn wasn't mowed. I want my money back!
  • A: If you don't think your lawn was mowed and it is marked as 'Fullfilled' in the site, let us know by providing a feedback of "Not Done" within 7 days. We will suspend payment to the service provider and ask the service provider to resolve the issue. If a dispute is not resolved with reasonable effort, Optimow will split the payment between each party, and the users of Optimow by default accept the term of use. Customer reviews ensure that landscapers try hard to please you.
  • Q: What internet browser do you support?
  • A: At this moment we support Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari and Microsoft Internet Explorer. We highly recommend Google Chrome.

We listen!

and we care!

Optimow wants to find you the best deal around for landscape services. Let us know how you like Optimow. We welcome your comments or suggestions.

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You weekend can be ruined if your lawn mower stops working!Trust your data with Optimow!

Confidentiality Statement: Optimow will not sell or share your personal or customer information without your consent.